Sly Smile Puppy Dog Pose

sly smiling puppy dog posing for photo Looks like a really sly smile on his puppy dogs face. Maybe he is just trying to smile for the photo. Just a poser.

Really Funny Vampire Dogs Photo

really funny vampire dogs in coffin just like dracula photo How funny is this photo? When i first looked at it, i didnt notice the dog in the coffin upside down! Thats just classic. And the vampire dog is even snarling just like dracula would! Fantastic.

Really Cute Kissing Puppies

really cute photo of puppies kissing so sweet Not much you can say about this really cute photo of kissing puppies except...awwww. So sweet.

Cute Lab in a Dishwasher Pic

really cute lab in a dishwasher cleaning the bowls I just love this pic of the labrador in a dishwasher. Maybe he is the new dishwasher - he is certainly having a fun time licking the bowl clean!

Cute Sleeping Lab Puppy

cute sleeping labrador puppy dog tired Not sure if this Labrador puppy has had a hard day. But he certainly is tired and needs a sleep. So cute.