Smiling Laughing Posing Puppy

puppy photos cute smiling laughing puppy posing for picture Nice little smile, or is this cute puppy laughing? He looks so happy. It certainly is a dogs life.

Big Bone Little Dog Picture

cute little dog carrying a really big bone in its mouth Now that is one really big bone for this puppy dog. I hope he is going to share this with his dog friends. Probably not!

Gorgeous Cute Puppy Hugging Tree

really cute puppy picture climbing bamboo tree and posing for photo I have never seen a dog climb like this before! How cute is this? I think that is bamboo. That is one talented smart puppy dog.

Gradual Rules for Puppies

1. The puppy dog is not allowed in the house.

2. Okay, the puppy dog is allowed in the house, but only in certain rooms.

3. The puppy dog is allowed in all rooms, but has to stay off the furniture.

4. The puppy dog can get on the old furniture only.

5. Fine, the puppy dog is allowed on all the furniture, but is not allowed to sleep with the humans on the bed.

6. Okay, the puppy dog is allowed on the bed, but only by invitation.

7. The puppy dog can sleep on the bed whenever he wants, but not under the covers.

8. The puppy dog can sleep under the covers by invitation only

9. The puppy dog can sleep under the covers every night.

10. Humans must ask permission to sleep under the covers with the puppy dog.

Sweet Puppy & Grasshopper Photo

cute sweet puppy dog and grasshopper photoI think this little puppy might want to play with the grasshopper. Or maybe make friends. Can grasshoppers be friends with dogs?

Ginger Cat and Puppy Friends

cute puppy dog photo of puppy with ginger cat looks like mother picture Now this is too damn cute. Its almost as if the ginger cat is playing mother to this puppy. Aww.

Cute Big Ears Sleeping Puppy Upside Down

really cute puppy dog laid on back sleeping upside down I dont think this cute puppy has had too hard a day. But he has just collapsed on his back and is having a little snooze!

Really Cute Kissing Puppies

two really cute puppies kissing just gorgeous Now that is really gorgeous, two kissing cute little puppies. Just beautiful.

Tiny Clown Puppy Dog Picture

funny cute puppy dressed up as clown maybe for the circus Maybe this clown dog will run away to the circus. Thats cute! I dont think he likes being dressed up.

Flying Ace Dog Photo

funny dog picture dressed up as a pilot and plane photo Not only is this dog the pilot, he is also the plane! Ahh, dressed up dogs, always a good source of amusement...maybe not for the dog though.

Mcdonalds Coffee Cute Chihuahua Puppy

funny cute tiny chihuahua puppy dog photo in mcdonalds coffee cup in car Now how tiny must this dog be to fit inside a McDonalds Coffee Cup. I wonder if he likes it in there?

Really Cute Blue Eyes Pomeranian Puppy

really cute pomeranian puppy with blue eyes posing for photo special How cute is this blue eyed pomeranian puppy? Gorgeous. That is a really special photo.

Cute Kissing Puppy Dogs

really cute kissing puppy dogs showing affection Now thats just sweet - cute kissing puppy dogs. Such affection.

Off To Work Suit Cute Dog

cute dogs dressed up for work in white short and tie but wheres the pants photo Its off to work for this dog. Where? At the office of course. Its a great tie and shirt - i just hope the dog is wearing some pants...

Two Tone Cute Pug Puppy Dog

cute puppy dog photos pug dg appearing from under a blanket looks two tone with really long body but two dogs Two tone pug dog? Nahhh, that would mean he would have a really long body! Just two dogs hiding under a blanket! Funny. Thanks for popping out to pose for the camera little guy.

Cute Smiling Terrier Photo

really cute terrier puppy dog photo smiling and relaxing on sofa This cute terrier sure has something to be smiling about. Probably the fact that he has a really nice comfortable sofa to relax on, and that he doesnt have too much work to do.

Snuggly Little Puppy Cute

cute puppy dog photos snuggling next to sleeping owner pic in bad position Oh, how nice that the little puppy has decided to snuggle next to its sleeping owner. Seems like a really uncomfortable position, but whatever it takes to get close.

Cute Sleeping Puppy and Baby

cute puppy dog sleeping with human baby photo Its good that they can both be friends from such a young age. Looks like this cute little puppy has chosen its master already. Sleep tight kids.

Best Cute Puppy Dog Hugging Teddy Bear

best cute puppy dog photo hugging teddy bear on sofa with gorgeous eyes perfect gorgeous pic This is my absolute favorite puppy dog photo. So very cute. Hugging a teddy bear, and looking very protective of it. Look at those gorgeous eyes too! Wow. I want this dog!

Cute Dog Praying in Temple

cute puppy dog praying in a temple wiht a monk photo funny Now how did they teach this cute dog to pray in a temple just like the monk to his left. Thats funny. Smart Dog.

Dog Resting on Pool Lilo

funny photo of cute dog resting on a pool lilo on a summers afternoon pic What better way for this dog to spend a summers afternoon than lying on a pool lilo. We should all be so lucky. It really is a dogs life.

Arghh Cute Pirate Dog One Eyed Pomeranian

really cute pomeranian puppy dressed up as a pirate for maybe halloween with eye patch and hat Arghh ye mateys. This really cute pomeranian puppy even has a pirate skull crossbones eyepatch. What a great outfit. And doesnt the little puppy look happy?

Funny Lumberjack Dog Eating Tree

funny photo of cute lumberjack dog eating tree no chainsaw required No need for a chainsaw when you have a lumberjack dog. He will fell the tree just by eating it. Thats one tough dog.

Long Tongue Dog With Bone

cute samoyed dog enjoying a bone with his long tongue photo That is one longue tongue. And isnt this cute dog enjoying the bone. Getting every last taste out of it.

Gorgeous Hot Dog Puppy

gorgeous cute daschund puppy as a hot dog in bun pic Im not sure, i think this might be a daschund puppy. Either way. it is a really gorgeous hot dog photo. How tiny is he though? He seems happy enough to be put into a hot dog bun.

Great Peeking Puppy Dog Hole Door

cute doggy door or doggy window beagle and terrier peeking through
Love this Beagle and Terrier puppy photo. Peeking through the little hole in the door. Its like a doggy window really. Not big enough to get through, but enough to get a little look at what goes on outside. Fantastic.

Funny Cow Kissing Dog

funny cow and dog photo kissing or licking In most cases you would expect that cows and dogs would be enemies. Not here. I think the dog is curious and is happy to let the cow give him a lick. I like to think that it is a kiss. Funny and cute all at once.

Really Funny Bulldog Licking Baby

very funny bulldog licking baby photoI wont say that this Bulldog is a puppy. But this is just so funny. Im not sure that the baby is so happy to be being licked by the bulldog, but has stopped to pose for the photo. Not that there is much he could do, the bulldog is much bigger. But no doubt very affectionate, which bulldogs usually are. They look all gruff and angry, but are exactly the opposite. I love them.

Really Cute Daschund Leaping With Leaf

really cute daschund puppy dog with leaf in mouth leaping picI think this really cute and gorgeous Daschund puppy is having a great time with this leaf. Leaping in the air and playing. Its the simple things in life that give dogs the most pleasure.

Joe the Plumber Dog Photo

funny photo of joe the plumber dog in outfit with truck
Yes, the is Joe the Plumber Dog, complete with a full outfit and tools and his own little truck with plunger on top. I wonder what the real Joe the Plumber thinks of this guy. Come to think of it, after the McCain loss, what is Joe the Plumber doing now?

Cute Hugging Dogs Photo

cute hugging bull terrier and whippet photo Awww. Then again, maybe the photo just makes it look as if these dogs are hugging. They may be fighting. I prefer it if they were friends. Im not sure what they are, maybe one is a bull terrier and the other a whippet. Im happy to be corrected.

Happy Birthday Dog Hot Dog Cake

funny photo of dog and hot dog birthday cake with candles Wow - looking mighty happy for a 2nd birthday, the tongue is out and resdy to punce. And you would be happy too if you got such a treat. A hot dog birthday cake - complete with mustard icing and candles. What odds that the cute lil guy will be able to blow out the candles? Remember to make a wish - probably for the same thing every day.

Cute Little Pug in a Sweater

cute pic of pug in a blue jumper posing Look at the great eyes on this pug puppy. And doesnt his blue sweater look mighty spiffy. Thanks for the pose lil fella.

Cute Dog Walking the Dog

cute pic of alsatian walking a dog I dont think i have ever seen a dog walking another dog. But i am impressed with this alsatian. They are very clever.

And then Dog Tyred Cute Retriever Puppy

retriever cute dog in tyre photo dog tyred I just love this one. If only this golden retriever was sleeping, it could be dog tyred and dog tired. Very cute photo.

Really Dog Tired Funny Sleeping Puppy

funny sleeping upside sown puppy with tongue out How funny is this photo? On your back, legs in the air with your tongue hanging out. Man, just wait till he gets older, they are going to pull this photo out and embarrass him on his 21st birthday. Or is that 3rd birthday in dog years?