Heres My Bowl - Feed Me Labs

really cute labrador puppy pic feed time with bowl in mouth Its the cute Labroador puppy that is demanding food. They learn quickly dont they - get the bowl and get food. Smart dogs.

Puppy Rests After Destroying Sofa

funny cute puppy detsroys sofa then rests What would you say to a puppy that had done this to your sofa and then decided to have a rest afterwards? Myabe he just wanted to have a little fun. Good to know he didnt damage the cushion bit...where else would he sit? He's obviously not a stupid dog.

The Plastic Dog Coat Cover

plastic raincoat for dogs funny Im not sure what the purpose of this coat is - maybe its a raincoat? This little dog doesn look so happy. But look at the red and yellow shoes. You wouldnt be happy either. Poor guy!

Chimps Love Dogs

chimpanzee and dog posing for photoSo who is the pet here? Or maybe they are both just good friends. Dont they both look so happy? I love this photo - fantastic to get them to both pose for the photo.

Dog and Bird Friends

curious bird and dog photo
Im saying friends, but this dog does appear to be showing some restraint. I give him marks for that. The bird might just easily nip at puppy's nose with its beak. Cute photo.

Puppy Destroys Toilet Paper

dog will wreck your house toilet paper puppy Well, little puppy dogs will play. And sometimes they wont do what they are told. This one has destroyed countless rolls of toilet paper. Maybe he saw the ad.

Fluffy Little Puppy Dog

fluffy teddy bear cute puppy dog What a nice puppy to pose for the photo. This one looks just like a teddy bear. But what is the dog wearing? Maybe a really tiny jumer.

Cute Puppy Dog Socks

cute chihuahua dog in socks Yes, even some dogs need to keep their paws warm. Or is this just a fashion statement?